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Quadrant Art Exhibition

Opening night: Friday 25th July, 7.00pm - 10.00pm

Trisnasari will be performing a 10min dance interpretation of the Quadrant: Physical

ART BEATS - Mike G will be curating the evening.

Quadrant brings together the work of four artists.  The exhibition explores the human experience in four states of being, quadrants or sections.   The mental, spiritual, emotional & physical aspects are interpreted, described, created & considered.  Each artist has one part of the quadrant to show.

All four aspects of the human experience are happening at the same time, so are we as human beings supposed to function with an intuitive representation of all quadrants.

Which aspects of ourselves do we use more of & which do we need to encompass more of to combine all to become, act or behave as one.

'The basic idea behind the idea of the quadrans novas is that the stereographic projection that defines the components of a planispheric astrolabe is just as valid if the astrolable parts are folded into a single quadrant.'


Public programs

Rodford Belcher will be holding an artist talk & book night to coincide with Quadrant.  Date (TBA)

Later Event: April 10
Art Town 2015